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Revitalize our Economy, Parks, and Community Spaces

As a long time resident of the Norfolk 7th District, Bill knows the importance of our local parks, green spaces, and vital community spaces/resources. He will work on the state level to secure funds to improve and maintain these important assets for our and future generations’ enjoyment. Bill will be our voice on Beacon Hill and will seek opportunities to assist in the development and revitalization of our business districts. He will collaborate with local community members and with other elected officials on plans to add parking and reduce traffic, an issue that many Milton and Randolph residents have raised as he has gone door to door during the campaign. He has heard your concerns and intends to take action.

Address the Opioid Crisis

In 2015 alone more than 1,500 Massachusetts residents died in Opioid related deaths. We can’t afford to ignore this issue. Bill supports laws and programs that increase access to mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment. Bill supports the efforts to de-stigmatize those seeking help for opioid addiction and supports programs that lead to the outcomes that best benefit individuals, our neighborhoods, and society. He supports Jail Diversion Programs that address issues related to mental health, substance abuse, and mass incarceration.

Protect Our Local Skies and Advocate for Fair Air Traffic Policies

Milton is experiencing an unacceptable level of air traffic. The frequency of planes is taking a toll on sleep and quality of life, and many of us are extremely concerned about the effects of particulates in the air emitted from engines flying at low altitudes overhead. In April, Bill delivered your complaints in person at the Massport Board Meeting, but more work is needed. Bill will continue to push our state’s US Senators to step up and deliver our message on a federal level. Bill will work with other elected officials at all levels to support the whole community advocacy effort that is needed to address this important quality of life issue.

Fight for a Stronger Educational System

Bill deeply believes in the power of education and will work to ensure that each child has access to an excellent education in his/her community.  Charter schools, though well-intentioned and a part the solution to address the education gap, are not the only solution and have not achieved their intended goals.  

The children of Randolph and Milton deserve the best and Bill will make consistent votes that are focused on resolving the challenges facing our schools and teachers. Changes regarding how funds are allocated in the public school system need to be explored, particularly because Randolph public schools are at a disadvantage under the current system.

Preserve the Blue Hills and Local Reservation Land

Our local reservation lands are a source of pride for our entire community that set us apart from other areas and make this one of the best places to live in Massachusetts. Bill will work to ensure that we protect these environmental assets from development and that they can be enjoyed by generations to

Fight for a Living Wage

Today’s minimum wage in Massachusetts of $10.00/hour leaves families unable to pay their bills, feed their families, and develop the self reliance and resiliency that all residents long for and deserve. We need a living wage for ALL. Bill supports a $15 minimum wage in Massachusetts.

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