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NOTICE: Important Renewal Information For All Licensees

September 29, 2020

Licenses scheduled to expire between March 10th and July 10th will now expire October 1st; licenses expiring on or after July 11th will renew as scheduled. Due to the COVID-19 public health emergency, Governor Baker issued a series of Executive Orders temporarily freezing the expiration dates of certain licensed professionals and businesses, and providing affected licensees with additional time to renew, following the end of the public health emergency. More specifically, COVID-19 Executive Order No. 9, issued on March 18, 2020, extended the renewal period for individual licensee set to expire on or after that date, and COVID-19 Executive Order No. 18, issued on March 26, 2020, extended renewal periods for licensed businesses set to expire on or after that date. The Executive Orders covered all trades, professions, and businesses licensed by Division of Professional Licensure (“DPL”) boards of registration, as well as those licenses issued by the Agency’s Office of Public Safety and Inspections (“OPSI”). However, on June 26, 2020, Governor Baker issued COVID-19 Executive Order No. 41, rescinding the prior orders as of July 10, 2020. As a result, all licensees (individuals or businesses) who’s licensed were expiring and were scheduled to renew between March 10, 2020 and July 10, 2020, will now have an expiration date of October 1, 2020, and must renew before that date. Any license that is scheduled to expire on or after July 11, 2020 must be renewed on or before its originally scheduled expiration date. Please be advised that some DPL boards of registration and OPSI licensing entities have implemented additional relief measures regarding the completion of continuing education requirements or other issues related to license renewal. For specific information on those measures or for more information about your license renewal date, please contact the DPL board of registration or that issues your license, or the board, division, office, or unit within OPSI that issues your license.


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