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Driscoll, Labouré Excited about Progress and Recent BORN Decision

MAY 16, 2024

This month, Representative Bill Driscoll Jr. (D-Milton) continued his advocacy for the Nursing Program at Labouré College of Healthcare. At a May 8th public meeting, the Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) voted to remove a ban on new admissions into the program. This is great news for Milton and the Commonwealth as a whole. Over the past year Driscoll has stood beside the Administration and students of Labouré College of Healthcare’s Nursing Program as they worked with BORN on a performance improvement plan.

Driscoll has been a strong advocate for Labouré throughout this process, and submitted written testimony to the board, supporting the formal return of Labouré to good standing.

This agreement between the school and BORN is critical as it will help the school regain their financial stability and uphold their mission to educate local adults and grow and diversify the nursing workforce in the Commonwealth.

"This decision is a huge win for Labouré, local students, and the future of the Massachusetts' healthcare workforce," remarked Driscoll. "This decision serves timely needs and is a key component to the future of Massachusetts’ ability to deliver on the promise and expectation of world-class healthcare."

Driscoll is grateful to BORN for their rigorous oversight, but even more appreciative for working through these challenges in partnership with Labouré, supporting the program’s future success.



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