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Rep. Driscoll Statement on Milton Memorial Day Ceremony

June 3, 2022

Memorial Day is an opportunity to remember and honor service members who gave their lives defending our country. I thank all of the service members, organizers, and participants for their work to put together this year's annual ceremony in Milton; your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

On this day, communities across the nation gather to give solemn thanks to the band of brothers and sisters who fought beside one another for the United States.

Political affiliation or other demographics that may define the living or dead on an average day rightfully take a back seat on Memorial Day, allowing us to gather as Americans.

This annual ceremony requires the utmost of integrity, and all individuals ought to be capable of rising above controversial politics to pay service members and their families the respect they deserve.

I'm confident that when we gather in the future we will honor those who have defended our nation through a unified front.



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