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Metrofire Legislative Breakfast & Briefing

DECEMBER 6, 2023

On Tuesday, December 5th, Rep. Driscoll attended the Metrofire Legislative Breakfast and Briefing. Metrofire is an association comprised of 35 Greater Boston fire departments, to help coordinate mutual aid response and support effective fire services.

During the briefing, Metrofire highlighted several fire-related bills to support fire service in the Commonwealth:

  • H. 992 - An Act relative to payments for use of ambulance services

  • H. 1010/S. 717 - An Act relative to ambulance service reimbursement

  • H. 2289/S. 1552 - An Act relative to enhanced fire protection in new one- and two-family dwellings

  • H. 2290 - An Act relative to fire protection

  • H.2352 - An Act relative to medical services

  • H. 2488 - An Act relative to public safety personnel

  • H. 2509 - An Act relative to employees of the Department of Fire Services

  • H.2550/S. 1715 - An Act relative to firefighter training

  • S. 1518 - An Act relative to EMS and public safety

  • S. 1599 - An Act relative to the creation of the Massachusetts Public Safety Building

At the event, Driscoll welcomed both Chief Madden from Milton and Chief Cassford from Randolph to the State House. The informative event was a great opportunity for legislators to learn about fire service in the Commonwealth, and best ways to support.

Driscoll Photographed with Chief Madden from Milton (Left) and Chief Cassford from Randolph (Right)



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