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Rep. Driscoll Tours Blue Hill Observatory & Science Center

MILTON, JUNE 24, 2021 - Yesterday, Representative Driscoll visited the Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center ahead of their closure for renovations.

The Blue Hill Observatory, also known as the site of the longest continuously held weather-record in the country, will be closed through 2022 to allow for construction and renovations. During his visit, Rep. Driscoll saw firsthand the crumbling infrastructure and the need for repairs and upgrades.

Rep. Driscoll is a strong supporter of the Blue Hill Observatory and welcomes these much needed renovations. He appreciates the state's Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) for moving this project forward and is glad to learn that the Observatory's daily weather observations will continue during construction, despite being closed to the public.

According to the Observatory, the building will undergo a major renovation to help preserve the National Historic Landmark, including concrete repairs, historically appropriate door and window upgrades, lighting upgrades and more.

Since 2017, the Milton delegation has allocated not less than $350,000 in state funding for the Observatory.

Photos from the day are included in the tweet below.


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