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Driscoll Assigned to Four Standing Committees

BOSTON, Feb. 16 – State Representative Driscoll was assigned to four House committees today – ‘Transportation’, ‘Bonding, Capital Expenditure & State Assets’, ‘State Administration and Regulatory Oversight’, and ‘Export Development’. Representative Driscoll said, “I am honored to be asked to make a contribution on these important committees.”

He added, “The matters addressed by several of these committees are not only important to my constituents in both Milton and Randolph, they also relate to issues that affect every resident of the Commonwealth on a daily basis.”

“I look forward to working full-time and collaboratively with colleagues on the challenges ahead,” Driscoll said. “I am also looking forward to working closely with our State Senator, Walter Timilty, on the Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight.”

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