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Economic Development bill & Accessory Dwelling Units Amendment Update

JULY 22, 2022

I am aware of the collective concern over amendment #160 to the economic development bill adopted in the Senate's version that pertains to Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). There has been some confusion on the status of this amendment and the process overall and I wanted to provide an update.

The House did not adopt the ADU amendment in our economic development bill; however, the Senate did adopt the amendment within theirs. The economic development legislation will now be taken up in a conference committee to settle on compromises between the House and Senate versions of the bill. The Accessory Dwelling Units amendment will be one of such disputes considered within their discussion.

The conference committee debate will take several days, and when completed will present a reconciled bill for each branch to accept or reject. Amendment #160 will not be voted on or adopted as a standalone amendment through any formal or informal session of the House or Senate. It will either be included or not included in the all-encompassing reconciled economic development bill that the conference committee presents.

I made clear to leadership that this amendment touched on an important issue within my district and voiced that I do not wish for it to be included in the final compromise bill. Again, this amendment was not adopted in the House, and I will work to keep it out of the final legislation because I believe the work occurring at the town boards and within our town meeting is important and the right place for this issue to be decided.



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