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Driscoll Applauds Appointment of Dawn Brantley as Director of MEMA

JULY 18, 2023

The following is Representative Bill Driscoll Jr.'s official statement regarding Dawn Brantley's appointment as Director of MEMA:

"Dawn Brantley's appointment as Director of MEMA makes the Commonwealth stronger and I look forward to seeing MEMA grow under her leadership. Director Brantley has served as interim director for the past two years and I am confident in her ability to plan for and manage through crisis.

Director Brantley is an established national leader regarding access, functional needs, and inclusion in emergency management. Regionally she led the effort to launch NEMTEC, the Northeast Emergency Management Training and Education Center, a collaborative training program accessible to professionals from across New England, providing and developing comprehensive training and education curriculums to meet emerging needs.

I look forward to continued conversations with the team at MEMA as well as the Healey-Driscoll administration on how to best address current and future emergencies in Massachusetts.



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