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Driscoll Speaks at AmeriCorps Opening Day Celebration and Swearing-In Ceremony

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

Earlier this month, Representative Bill Driscoll Jr. (D-Milton) was invited to speak at Massachusetts Service Alliance’s annual AmeriCorps Opening Day Celebration and Swearing-In Ceremony. For the event, he was asked to deliver the Pledge of Service to all attending Corps service members, and to speak a bit on his personal experience with AmeriCorps. 

Driscoll was honored to participate in this event, recognizing the service of all members. Driscoll served in AmeriCorps as part of the national service program’s response to Hurricane Katrina, and later – throughout his decade-long career in disaster response – worked closely and led thousands of AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps across several states, through their natural disaster response. It was these experiences that heavily influenced Driscoll’s interest in becoming a public official.

“I hope that through their service with AmeriCorps, current and newly sworn-in members will gain experiences that support a fulfilling career and present opportunities that may not have been on their radar prior, as it did mine,” said Driscoll. “Good luck to all in their service, your communities are grateful to you for your commitment and work.”



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