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Seaport Grant, Driscoll Responds to Recent Rescinding of Grant Money by Administration

MARCH 4, 2024

Rep. Driscoll joined other elected colleagues in responding to the recent announcement that the Healey administration has rescinded a previously awarded grant from the Seaport Economic Council in the amount of $140,800. This grant was awarded to the town of Milton for seawall improvements and a new dock at Milton Landing on the Neponset river.

Last week's edition of The Milton Times has reactions to the administration’s move to rescind the funding and includes parts of Driscoll’s full statement.

The Rep's full statement is below:

"I have serious concerns with the Governor’s unilateral decision to amend the so called MBTA Communities Act to include the Seaport Council grants. The law does not grant the Governor the power to expand penalties and I am curious as to her legal rationale.

Milton was awarded the Seaport Council grant as part of a fair and competitive process. To move the goal posts is not only unfair, it appears to be an overreach.

As a life-long resident of this community I have never experienced such a divisive issue reaching this level of neighbor v. neighbor sentiment as I did during the recent referendum.

I have met with Secretary Augustus previously and welcome any chance to continue to engage the Governor and her administration on the issues related to implementing reasonable zoning for transit oriented housing. I hope to work towards bridging that gap moving forward and seeing that Milton is treated fairly in this process."



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