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Driscoll Expresses Support for Noise Abatement Measures

BOSTON, Mar. 10 - State Representative Bill Driscoll expressed his support last night for the most recent noise abatement recommendations put forward by the MCAC Aviation Subcommittee. He explained that the frequency and concentration of planes over parts of Milton is taking a toll on the quality of life and that many in Milton are “extremely concerned about the effects of particulates in the air emitted from engines.” Driscoll noted, “we understand that planes will always be a part of our lives – Milton is close to Logan airport and we are close to a major metropolitan city.” However, he emphasized his belief that the current level of noise and disruption was unacceptable. Representative Driscoll sent a letter to MassPort CAC members, asking them to support measures such as vortex generators, a landing fee schedule, and requiring “dedicated staff members at MassPort and the FAA to have responsibilities for noise abatement”. The legislator for the 7th Norfolk District claimed that, in addition to the current practice of MassPort simply monitoring complaints, active measures also needed to be taken. He added, "there has been an exponential increase regarding the concentration of air traffic over Milton since the RNAV Next Gen changes were implemented in 2013." Representative Driscoll concluded that the residents of Milton deserve to see a more equitable dispersion of flight paths, similar to those of previous years.

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