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Driscoll Attends Randolph South Shore’s Stars Preschool Groundbreaking

OCTOBER 14, 2022 – Randolph, MA – Yesterday, Representative Bill Driscoll Jr. (D-Milton) attended the groundbreaking for Randolph South Shore’s Stars Preschool’s new playground. This $250,000 investment is provided through a grant from the Massachusetts’ Early Education and Out-of-School Time capital improvement fund, and will primarily support low-income families and children.

“I am thrilled for the children who will benefit from this new playground and outdoor learning space,” remarks Driscoll. “These community improvements immediately showcase a positive impact, and is seen through many young, smiling faces. We spend approximately 90 percent of our time indoors and improving the outdoor space at Randolph Preschool will enhance the lives of students and staff. Ensuring that all children have equal opportunity to quality education and recreational activity should be a given. I'm proud to support the work of South Shores Stars in Randolph and throughout the region."

South Shore Stars is one of 17 organizations to receive an EEOST grant. This grant program is meant to ensure that children attend safe facilities that encourage educational development. The funded renovations and improvement projects will benefit kids in both early education and youth development programs, of which roughly 80% are from low-income families.



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