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Driscoll Statement on Admin's Activation of Emergency Plan

MAY 3, 2024

Representative Driscoll issues the following statement regarding the recent activation of a state emergency plan related to Steward Health Care:

"The chronic strain on healthcare and hospital capacity since 2020 remains incredibly concerning and consequential. The unfolding Steward situation threatens to exacerbate a myriad of related issues and further impacts access to and delivery of care in Massachusetts. This affects all of us. The Commonwealth has the best healthcare practitioners and institutions in the country. We rely on them and expect the backstop to be there in emergencies or whenever we need it.

I am encouraged by today's announcement from the Administration. The naming of an incident commander and formal standing up of a structure to manage through the months ahead is appropriate.

I wish there was a clearer path forward. Like an approaching storm, the forecasting of likely impacts and timelines will fluctuate. The HHS and DPH posture to be operationally preparing and actively planning, in a coordinated way, should help all involved navigate what comes next."

EOHHS described the changes, writing "...the Incident Command System is a well-established public health tool used to organize efforts among state agencies, hospitals, community health centers, community service organizations, labor organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure that Steward hospitals are maintaining safe, quality care and services. It will also oversee any transitions in care that may occur at Steward hospitals and manage the downstream regional effects on access to clinical care."



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