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Massachusetts Life Sciences Center Grant for Randolph

Tremendous news for Randolph!

This week is Massachusetts STEM Week and it was announced today that Randolph Public Schools is receiving $137,173 for equipment related to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education via a grant from the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.

$91,973 for equipment and supplies. $45,200 for professional development.

The grant to Randolph Public Schools will support both the district’s high school and middle school with equipment, utilized by approximately 1,312 students annually, and professional development for 12 teachers. Funding will also enable the district to receive MassBioEd's job-embedded professional development, form connections with experts in the field, and bring hands-on lab science experiences in the classrooms.

“This is tremendous news. I saw firsthand the reach of this grant program as part of the House Bonding Committee last session,” said State Representative Bill Driscoll Jr. “I thank the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and their leadership for recognizing Randolph Public Schools with this important investment.”


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