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Rep. Driscoll Statement on Supreme Court's Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

JUNE 24, 2022

Today's ruling is another confirmation of and stark reminder that the forces at work to dismantle freedoms in our country are in our midst and as present as ever.

This is a dark day, recognizing that many women in the United States now have less rights than previous generations and the dissenting justices made clear in their opinion that we should get ready for more fights, but this will not be the end of this fight. Yes, a setback but not an end.

In Massachusetts we have taken steps to prepare for this day during previous legislative sessions. Women can make their own healthcare decisions here. That's not to say that the supreme court decision does not affect us. It's a rogue court that was propped up by a corrupt process and that court is attacking women's freedoms today and wishes to reverse rights for others in the future as well, as stated in Justice Thomas' opinion.

This ruling is a jolting reminder of why elections matter. Voting matters, and why participation in elections across all levels of government is vital. It is the responsibility of all those elected to each level of government to protect the rights of their citizens.

Beyond the importance of voting, this decision stresses the need to reform the filibuster in Congress. The opportunity to fairly present and vote on legislation is a crucial component of developing our nation, in order to move forward and not backward because minority rule or rogue courts wish to impose their beliefs on the people of the United States.

Overturning Roe v. Wade puts countless people across the country at risk, and we cannot rest until these personal decisions are put in their owns hands once again.



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