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Driscoll Remarks on Oct 7th Massacre in Israel

OCTOBER 16, 2023

Rabbi Dr. Alfred H. Benjamin of Congregation Beth Shalom of Blue Hills invited Rep. Driscoll to speak at a Communal Gathering on Friday, October 13th, that was held to gather, grieve, and reflect on the current crisis facing Israel.

He asked Bill to not only offer a message of solidarity and support but to speak about trauma and dealing with trauma. Considering the horrific atrocities committed by the Hamas, the reality is that there many never be the right words to fully convey the weight of this horror. Driscoll spoke on the immense anxieties and dread felt by those in Israel and millions around the world, questioning what may be to come.

Bill joined members of the congregation and other community leaders and neighbors as an ally and friend. It may feel impossible to heal the wounds of this massacre, but we collectively mourn with and for those directly effected.

A video of the full event can be found, here. The Representative's remarks begin at 14 minutes, 40 seconds.

Image Source: Congregation Beth Shalom of Blue Hills, StreamSpot



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