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East Milton Square Manning Park & Deck Reconstruction Update

July 1, 2022 – The anticipated completion of the Manning Park & Deck reconstruction in East Milton Square is currently on track for September 2022.

In recent weeks, the focus has been completing pavement and the relevant markings and signage. This is on pace to be concluded in the coming weeks.

Beginning on July 11, 2022, Boulevard Street will permanently become a one-way street. Signage, law enforcement details, and messaging will be present to guide drivers through the area. This change will occur along with final roadway pavement and associated markings.

The next phase of the project focuses on the interior of the park, including hardscape and landscape items.

"We've been told by MassDOT that all of the repairs to the deck have been completed and when visiting the area this week (see photos) you'll see stone and dirt being added back to the interior of the project for plantings in the park. Crews are working longer hours to complete the paving and park work that's been long overdue." Driscoll Said.


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