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Rep. Driscoll Statement on BORN Decision to Withdraw Labouré Nursing Program

JULY 7, 2023

The following is Representative Bill Driscoll Jr.'s official statement on BORN’s decision to withdraw approval of Labouré College of Healthcare’s nursing program:

Recently, I’ve learned of the MA Board of Registration in Nursing (BORN) decision to withdraw approval of Labouré College of Healthcare’s nursing program at the end of this year. Since, I have been in contact with the leadership at Labouré, as well as Governor Healey’s Office and with the MA Department of Public Health (DPH). I stand with both Labouré and the students impacted by this circumstance and have provided them with a letter of support for their upcoming hearing regarding this matter with BORN.

If the BORN decision stands, this would be detrimental to Labouré, the town of Milton, and the entire Commonwealth.

Labouré’s program is the largest associate-level nursing program in New England; currently they have 1,340 students enrolled and have produced over 1,200 associate-level nurses since 2019, who passed their NCLEX-RN exam and have become registered nurses in the local workforce – 102 of those have entered the workforce in 2023 alone.

Labouré also plays a key role in closing the health equity gap by educating a diverse group of student nurses. 63% their student population is of color, bolstering patient outcomes for all populations across the Commonwealth.

Given the ongoing challenges Massachusetts and our healthcare system currently face, we cannot afford to lose this program.

Our healthcare system in Massachusetts continues to face unprecedented challenges attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic, and it is critical that we are intentionally addressing the nursing shortage and other workforce issues we currently face in the Commonwealth. Labouré is key in filling this gap and ensuring that the quality of care in Massachusetts rises.

I am grateful to Labouré, DPH, and BORN for their collective efforts to find a path forward and remain hopeful for a resolution that works for all involved.

Labouré and its current students must be in a position to continue to be part of the solution to these ongoing healthcare challenges. I’m doing everything I can to support Labouré by helping make sure the right people are communicating with one another and working toward finding a clear path forward, enabling them to continue their work without interruption. Labouré and their student’s work is essential to the Commonwealth’s collective wellbeing, preparing nurses to enter our local workforce, directly supporting the health and safety of our communities.



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