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Rep. Driscoll Submits Testimony in Support of H.4049

OCTOBER 7, 2023

Representative Bill Driscoll Jr. submitted the following testimony to the Joint Committee on Election Laws, in support of H.4049, An Act relative to the preparation of bilingual ballots in english and haitian creole in the city known as the town of randolph:

Thank you for the opportunity to offer comments in support of H.4049, An Act Relative To The Preparation Of Bilingual Ballots In English And Haitian Creole In The City Known As The Town Of Randolph. This home rule petition seeks to add Haitian-Creole to the list of languages required by law in which voting ballots are provided for voters during future elections in Randolph. Allowing voters to cast a ballot in their native language is important to the accessibility of and participation in the democratic process. The Haitian-Creole speaking community in Randolph is sizeable and continues to grow. This legislation will likely lead to more civic engagement.

H. 4049 ensures that voting ballots are culturally competent and are easily understood by Haitian-Creole speakers, especially those which English is not their first language. This inclusionary piece of legislation helps ensure that all members of the community can vote with confidence and be a part of the local democratic electoral process.

The home rule petition was advanced by the Randolph Town Council without any nay votes.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to reach out to my office regarding any questions or concerns.



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