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Rep. Driscoll: A Revealing Moment for Our Nation

Dear Friends,

It's my continued hope that you and your families have remained healthy and safe. At this time, I would like to share some words on recent events.

This is a revealing moment for our nation. The events of the past week have laid bare heartbreaking pain from centuries of mistreatment and inequities. The murder of George Floyd is another injustice experienced by African Americans and this latest tragedy has arrived at a time of global pandemic and economic turmoil. The resulting anguish is present not only in homes across the country but in our community, Greater Boston and Massachusetts. There is also compound agony, confusion, and outrage that is not as visible but is deeply felt and very real for many of our neighbors.

I respect and am of supportive of those who demonstrate and protest peacefully, thank you. I am disappointed by the few that stoke violence or take destructive actions and undermine the potential for progress in this moment. Furthermore, I see those in law enforcement who are being challenged like never before and remaining professional and true to upholding everyone’s constitutional rights. Thank you for working through the more chaotic moments with understanding and calm.

This week, I remotely attended a Black and Latino Caucus event at the State House and I have begun more meaningful conversations with Black and Latinx colleagues on the topics of race relations and the reforms the caucus is seeking in MA and nationally. In the near-term, I will continue to reach out to others in order to listen and learn with an action-oriented mind-set for the long-term.

We need a decent and just future for all Americans. It is okay to be tired and scared. What happened to George Floyd is not okay. In the wake of this tragedy, I remain committed to justice. I remain committed to listening and being part of healing our suffering and the divisions in any way I can.

We all must do better in our march for progress toward an America free from systemic racism, prejudice, and discrimination. I hope peace will overcome soon and that we grow closer to a more perfect union. We can do better. We must. I will try.


P.S. If you do take part in protests, please keep physical distance from others and wear a face covering, eyewear, and gloves. If you participate(d), please consider self-quarantining afterwards and getting tested for COVID-19. We need to continue to keep the spread of COVID-19 trending downward and we need you to stay healthy.


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