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The Patriot Ledger: Holbrook transfer station draws renewed opposition in Braintree, Randolph

RANDOLPH, JUN 27 - More than 200 people packed an informational meeting at the Randolph senior center Monday night on a proposal by TLA-Holbrook to build a 1,000 ton per day trash transfer station in Holbrook a short distance from the Randolph-Holbrook commuter rail station.

More than 200 trucks a day would deliver trash to the transfer station, which would then be shipped out by either truck or train. The trucks would use Braintree and Randolph roads to reach the station.

Randolph Town Council President Ken Clifton said the transfer station would undo the town’s efforts to improve the quality of life for its residents.

“Our people are united and ready to fight” the proposal, Clifton said.

State environmental officials must decide if the 14-acre site is suitable for a transfer station. In early 2015, they ruled the site was unsuitable because it was less than 500 feet from a residence.

Under the revised proposal, the transfer station would be built more than 500 feet from any residence.

State Sen. Walter Timilty (D-Milton), State Rep. Bruce Ayers (D-Quincy) and State Rep. William Driscoll all said they oppose the transfer station.

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