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State Reps Secure Funds for Safer School Crossing

PHOTO: Crosswalk at Route 138 and Oak Street in Milton (Credit: GoogleMaps June 2018)

MILTON, MAY 15 - State Representatives for Milton, Rep. Dan Cullinane and Rep. Bill Driscoll Jr., recently completed FY20 budget deliberations with their House colleagues on Beacon Hill. The House budget included an earmark for safety improvements to the busiest school crossing point along Route 138, near Tucker Elementary School, at the intersection of Oak Street and Route 138.

Last year, MassDOT completed a Priority Corridor Study of Route 138 that included analysis of infrastructure, traffic and pedestrian counts, and other items. The study formally identified issues and recommended fixes. The intersection of Route 138 and Oak Street was identified by MassDot as being in need of upgrades.

Prior to the published findings of the study, Cullinane and Driscoll had been contacted by concerned parents and were already liaising with town officials, the school committee’s transportation sub-committee, and MassDOT to enhance the safety of the crossing. “The Oak Street crosswalk is one of the busiest routes for students to get to Tucker each day. MassDot has been responsive to our concerns and installed additional signage on either side of the crosswalk last year at our request.” Driscoll noted.

“According to the corridor study, approximately 1000 cars travel along 138 during peak hours in the morning at a time when kids are headed to school. We are waiting for a fresh coat of paint to be applied by MassDOT in the near-term, and the $25,000 earmark adopted in the Fiscal Year 20 budget process will go toward implementing the longer term accessibility and safety improvements.” Cullinane said.

The 138 Priority Corridor Study report recommends that the sidewalk be upgraded to MassDOT standards and include proper curb ramps. The installation of additional street lighting as well as a push button activated pedestrian signal at Oak Street is also included in the recommendations of the report.

The crosswalk is located in an area that bridges the 12th Suffolk and 7th Norfolk districts, and therefore the two Milton Representatives have been working closely together to implement these much-needed safety improvements for the town. The improvements represent a promising start for FY20 for the House.

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