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Legislature Passes $1.9 Billion Transportation Funding

BOSTON, JUN. 7 - State Representative William J. Driscoll, Jr. joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to approve legislation that includes a $200 million bond authorization for Chapter 90 funding to help municipalities complete road, bridge and infrastructure improvement projects.

“Not only will these funds provide critical resources to cities and towns across the Commonwealth and fortify larger regional transportation projects, they will create jobs and spur economic growth,” said House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo (D-Winthrop). “These investments support our vibrant economy by improving our transportation infrastructure.”

Funding has also been approved in the Towns of Milton and Randolph for a variety of projects. In Randolph, the following projects have been approved: I-93 NB over Route 24 NB and I-93 over Route 24 SB. Work on the I-93 bridges will include deck, superstructure and substructure repairs.

“I am proud to secure these funds for the town of Randolph, where we are in need of infrastructural improvements to our roads. This work on the I-93 bridges will be crucial to the safety of everyone using these highways,” said Representative Driscoll. “Many residents of the Commonwealth pass through the town of Randolph on their travels to and from the South Shore, and for this reason it is imperative that our infrastructure has the repairs it needs.”

Under this legislation, the town of Randolph is set to receive a total of $700,504 in Chapter 90 funding for capital improvements.

In Milton, meanwhile, the town will receive a total of $630,314 in Chapter 90 funding. The following projects have been approved.: the East Milton square deck development ($4 million), and signal improvement at the intersection of Route 28 and Randolph Ave ($1.4 million).

“I am pleased that legislature and adminstration came together to not only send the $200 million to municipalities that they depend on each year but we also included and authorized funding of additional transportation related projects," State Representative Driscoll said today. “The additional funds cover the state matching dollars needed to access federal highway money secured by our Congressional delegation for the next iteration of Manning Park and the East Milton deck over I-93."

The funds secured will help to keep the design and planning processes moving in East Milton as well as for the improvements being planned for the intersection of Route 28 and Randolph Ave.

Driscoll noted, "These projects address key safety and traffic flow issues that a large number of constituents have expressed concern about. I'm happy to do my part in securing substantial funding and to keep the process moving."

Having been passed by the House and Senate, the legislation was today signed by Governor Baker.

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