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Rep. Driscoll Co-Hosts Haitian Heritage Celebration

JUNE 1, 2024

Yesterday, Rep. Driscoll joined House and Senate colleagues in the Great Hall at the State House to celebrate Haitian Heritage Month. This great cultural celebration honored the many Haitian-Americans in the Commonwealth and their contributions to Massachusetts and Democracy around the world.

Rep. Driscoll addressed those gathered and spoke about the effort to add Haitian Creole to the ballot in Randolph. As the presenter of An Act relative to the preparation of bilingual ballots in english and haitian creole in the city known as the town of randolph, Driscoll has been a strong advocate for Haitian community members. The bill is currently being reviewed by the Senate.

He also spoke about the work of Haitian-Americans United and the broader Haitian community as they care for many of the migrant families in Massachusetts.

Senator Miranda led the effort to close out Haitian Heritage Month and it was an honor to co-host with her at this special event, recognizing the many Haitian residents across the district and beyond.



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