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Rep. Driscoll Meets with "A Better Blue Hills Coalition"

The Coalition includes organizations such as: Friends of the Blue Hills, Blue Hills Trailside Museum, Blue Hills Observatory, Friends of the Mounted Unit, Blue Hills Ski Area, and Brookwood Community Farm.

On Thursday, January 18th, Representative Driscoll met with the Better Blue Hills Coalition at the Blue Hills Trailside Museum. Leaders of the respective member organizations spoke about challenges they have regarding their individual agencies and as a collective coalition.

Driscoll formally received a petition with hundreds of signature in support of improving the safety of trail crossings on Routes 28 and 138.

Following the meeting Rep. Driscoll penned a letter to House leadership urging them to take up a supplemental budget to restore the 9C funding cuts by the Baker Administration from the Blue Hills Observatory and Science Center and the Blue Hills Trailside Museum.

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