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Driscoll Votes for Bill to Protect Pregnant Workers

BOSTON, MAY 11 - The Massachusetts House of Representatives voted unanimously on Wednesday, May 10th to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which offers increased workplace protections for pregnant employees. An employer would not be able to fire, deny a job to or demote a worker because of pregnancy-related accommodations.

State Representative Bill Driscoll Jr. cast his vote in the affirmative for the legislation saying, “There are many women making contributions to our economy and are providing for their families on daily basis. These important changes support their health and close legal loopholes that amount to more rights for women in the workplace.”

A similar bill came before the House last year but received opposition from the small business community.

Representative Driscoll noted, “this bill levels the playing field and sets clear precedent regarding treatment of pregnant women by mandating an accommodating and safe environment be provided at work. This is a positive step for employees and employers in Massachusetts. “

The bill will now go before the State Senate, where it is also expected to pass.

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