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House Passes FY20 Budget

House Passes Balanced Budget with Funding for Local Projects in the 7th Norfolk District

BOSTON, APR 25– This week Representative Driscoll joined his colleagues in the Massachusetts House of Representatives to pass its Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20) budget, which invest in programs and services across the Commonwealth. Funded at $42.7 billion, the House budget makes major investments in education, housing, substance use disorder services, health care, and other areas while projecting a more than $200 million deposit into the Stabilization Fund – bringing the fund’s balance to more than $2.5 billion to safeguard the future of vital programs and services.

“This fiscally responsible budget balances the needs of communities, families, and individuals across the Commonwealth with smart investments that boost local aid, support our health care system, strengthen education, and protect the environment,” said House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo (D-Winthrop).

“This budget meets the Commonwealth’s needs and builds off of past commitments to ensure that our economy remains strong for all of our residents,” said Representative Aaron Michlewitz, Chair of the House Committee on Ways & Means (D-Boston). “We make targeted investments into key elements including education, housing, the environment and women’s health.”

“I joined my colleagues in sponsoring a number of amendments for the communities that we collaboratively represent. We successfully secured funding earmarks for several key priorities and increased local aid and education dollars for Milton and Randolph,” said Representative Driscoll.

Representatives Ayers, Cusack, Cullinane and Driscoll, the House Delegation that share representation of Randolph and Milton, secured an earmark for a traffic corridor study that will assist MassDOT in addressing traffic and safety concerns for Route 28, the roadway that links the two towns.

“The recent priority corridor study that was completed on Route 138 provided valuable traffic data and analysis that is informing design changes and safety improvements for 138 and adjacent roadways and I am confident that conducting such a study on Route 28 will help to identify possible solutions and better address congestion and several dangerous stretches,” Driscoll added.

At the hyper local level Reps Driscoll and Cullinane have been liaising with town officials, school committee members and MassDot to improve the safety of a walking route to the Tucker School in Milton. “MassDot has been responsive to concerns and installed signage on 138 last year at our request. The earmark for FY20 is targeted at further enhancing the safety at this popular crossing route to school.”

The FY 20 State Budget highlights for the 7th Norfolk District of Milton and Randolph include:

  • $100,000 for a study to address traffic safety concerns along Route 28 corridor

  • This roadway connects Milton and Randolph

  • $100,000 for the Blue Hill Observatory and Science Center

  • General operations funding secured with Rep. Galvin of Canton


  • $25,000 for pedestrian safety and school crossing improvements

  • This is for the intersection of Oak St and Route 138 near Milton's Tucker School

  • $9,033,561 in Education Funding for Milton.

  • This is $683,487 more than last year’s budget, a 8.19% increase

  • $3,411,993 in Local Aid for Milton.

  • This is $89,702 more than last year’s budget, a 2.7% increase


  • $25,000 for the Randolph Intergenerational Community Center

  • This is for general operations of the RICC

  • $50,000 for public safety improvements in Randolph

  • $18,075,837 in Education Funding for Randolph

  • This is $629,326 more than last year’s budget, a 3.61% increase

  • $5,519,513 in Local Aid for Randolph

  • This is $145,109 more than last year’s budget, a 2.7% increase

Representative Driscoll commended House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, Majority Leader Ron Mariano & Ways and Means Chairman Aaron Michlewitz for their leadership during the budget process. “Each of them and their staff members deserve high praise,” he noted.

The Senate will now debate its own budget before a final budget is submitted to the Governor for his signature.

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