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Rep. Driscoll Statement on Arrival of Migrants to Martha's Vineyard

SEPTEMBER 16, 2022

Following the unexpected arrival of about 50 migrants at Martha's Vineyard, I have been in communication with colleagues, including the Baker Administration and Rep. Fernandes.

I have been monitoring reports of the measurable influx of migrants to the Greater Boston region since July and will continue to track the situation as House Chair of the Joint Committee on COVID-19 & Emergency Preparedness & Management, and as a concerned parent. I look forward to a collaborative response aimed at the considerate care of these individuals and families.


Speaker Mariano offered this statement, yesterday, September 15, 2022:

"The craven and divisive decision from out-of-state Republicans to use immigrant children and families as political pawns, is not merely cruel, but is at odds with American values. In the absence of federal immigration policy that has allowed for this inhumane stunt from officials in other states, Massachusetts will continue to be a welcoming place for immigrants. We will monitor the situation, as well as potential arrivals in other communities, to determine what more can be done, and expect switch action from our federal partners, MEMA and the Baker Administration in helping to provide long-term support. We are in close contact with Representative Fernandes and the Baker Administration, and I want to personally thank the Martha's Vineyard community for quickly rallying behind these folks by providing them with immediate aid and a place to sleep."



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