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The Randolph Women’s Club Works for ADA Compliance at the Jonathan Belcher House

OCTOBER 3, 2023

On Thursday, September 28th, 2023, Rep. Bill Driscoll Jr. (D-Milton) attended The Randolph Women’s Club (RWC) fundraiser and site visit at the Jonathan Belcher House. Built in 1806 and located at 360 North Main St. in Randolph, it is a nationally registered historical site. The aim of the fundraiser is to make this early 19th century site, ADA compliant.

After completing initial exterior renovations in 2013, phase two of the “Jonathan Belcher House Master Plan” focuses on adherence to ADA compliance to increase accessibility and ensure that all can enjoy the 19th century home. In total, phase two will cost $595,000, with a significant portion of the cost attributed to special care and attention that leaves all historical aspects untouched. Currently, the RWC has raised an incredible $322,000 through private contributions and grants.

The job is not done yet, with a remaining $273,000 still to raise, the volunteers of the Randolph Women’s Club are hard at work to find more grants and contributions. Please join me in supporting this cause, and making this 19th century historical site more accessible.



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